1. SERVICE: Managed and Automated PDF Security Services are provided by or with the assistance of Drumlin Security Ltd and are designed to enable you ("the publisher") to distribute your PDF files in a secure manner utilising services provided by Drumlin Security Ltd for this purpose("the Service"). You remain the publisher and are wholly responsible for the content of your publications, and retain all rights to this content. Drumlin Security Ltd do not purchase PDF files for onward publishing but simply act to facilitate your document distribution requirements, providing an infrastructure for file distribution. The publisher remains responsible for issuing any invoices requested by customers and for pricing, local and national tax collection and accounting for such payments and taxes, including any Value Added Tax or Sales tax applicable. In proceeding with the use of the Service you agree that you accept these terms in full and have the authority to do so on your own or your corporate entity's behalf.

2. USE: The use of the WEBDOXX file conversion and associated security software, which provides the technical framework for the Service, is subject to copyright and may not be directly or indirectly copied or content extracted for subset commercial use, other than by the owner or publisher of the document(s) in question.

3. AVAILABILITY: Service availability is not guaranteed to be 100% but we will use our reasonable efforts to ensure that there is a high level of availability at all times of the day and through every day of the year

4. CONTENT: We reserve the right to refuse to host publications or remove from our hosting facilities publications that breach national or international laws on decency, incitement to violence or other matters deemed unsuitable for publication. You agree to ensure that your publications do not breach copyright or other laws relating to the publication of material

5. WARRANTY: The Service and associated software are provided "as is" without warranty or condition of any kind either express or implied including without limitation any implied warranties or conditions of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or durability. We do not warrant that the Service will be error free or that use of the Service will meet the Licensees or any end user's needs. The Publisher represents that it has the expertise to evaluate the suitability of the Service for their own requirements and has the necessary skill and judgement to undertake testing of the said Service. Publishers wishing to provide secured PDF files must ensure for themselves that they are completely satisfied with the level of security and functionality provided in the software and associated service, for each release or update of these facilities. The liability to a Publisher or Licensee for the failure of the Drumlin software or services to satisfy such warranties will be limited to a return of the amount paid by the Licensee, if any, for the Licensed Software or Service. The Publisher hereby agrees that Drumlin Security Ltd and its employees, representatives, agents, directors and advisors are released from any personal or corporate liability in connection with the use by the publisher, the publishers customers, agents, affiliates or any other person or corporate entity from any liability in respect of the use or misuse of the Service

6. DISPUTE RESOLUTION: Any dispute in respect of these Service Terms must be notified to the other party in writing and may only be pursued if the other party has failed to provide a prompt and effective remedy, having full consideration of the terms of the Service. Unless otherwise agreed any unresolved dispute must be referred to an independent arbitrator in the UK appointed by Drumlin Security Ltd whose decision shall be binding on the parties

7. TERMINATION: Either party can terminate this agreement without notice. Any outstanding payments due to the other party at the time of termination must be paid in full within 5 working days.

8. LAW: This Agreement shall be interpreted according to the Laws of England and the parties agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.